Europe’s Experiment: Treating Trains Like Planes

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Writing by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation led by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster


  1. Oh boy the innovation of worse service driving up the price of travel that doesn’t treat you like a piece of garbage

  2. @1:58 This isn’t true. Tickets for UK trains are valid on multiple departures.

  3. Sean Fitzpatrick

    This is not a good thing though. This is making the rail network private which just make the network worse. The reason rail networks in main europe work is because they are conected and you can make conecting trains. Having odd trains that run at different times will only take passengers away from govenment run trains. But the government use the high profit routes to pay for the less profitable routes. If you take people away from those high profit routes, even if it is only part of the passengers on the private trains, the there will be less money to service the smaller towns. In the end the govenment will have no option other than to run even less trains on the less popular routes. And becasue they don’t make money, the private companies won’t run trains either. What are those people meant to do? If you only look at this from the perspective on the private companies profit margins, then yes this is great. But trains are not planes and do not work the same. The networks need to work as a whole for it to be the best experience for everyone, otherwise people on the govenment run trains are paying extra for those on private trains to pay less.

  4. Matthew Bidewell

    ahh 7:13 suprise Harvey Price shot

  5. A video that once again ignores the elephant in the room of once again privatizing profit and socializing costs.

  6. Is that Harvey price at 7:13?!

  7. I can take ICE from Frankfurt to Brussels with vastly more convenience than flying. Same, i can take ICE from Frankfurt to Amsterdam. I can take TGV or ICE from Frankfurt to Paris. Germany is so much more connected than Wendover claims.

  8. Your Balkan map is totally wrong, putting Kosovo 🇽🇰 as part of Serbia 🇷🇸 , Kosovo is independent since 2008 recognized by 120 countries.

  9. What a load of shit.

    Private operators utilise infrastructure that could never exist but for the state having built it.

    Meanwhile the private operators step in and profit on lucrative routes that ordinarily subsidise the totality of the state run operators services. What this means is ultimately no one will be able to service routes that are essential but unprofitable.

    And … the years you’re analysing include a period where there has been an active movement among Europeans to reject air travel for environmental reasons, ie the rise in rail passengers would have increased anyway.

    Privatisation of state assets is theft and efficiency gains are a lie told to cover that theft.

  10. Great video, but the charge that the Eurostar “does little to integrate with the UK’s existing domestic network” at 1:35 just isn’t true: Eurostar’s home at St. Pancras Station is also home to East Midlands Railway services on the Midland Mainline to Manchester & Leeds from London via the sizeable British cities of Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby and Leicester – millions of people have a direct rail link to/from London in the very same station they use to get to Paris & the continent. Not only that, travellers from Scotland, the North East & Yorkshire can also get East Coast Mainline services down to London King’s Cross station which is literally right next to St. Pancras.

    And while yes, those from Birmingham, Liverpool & the rest of the West Midlands and North West need to connect on the West Coast Mainline to Euston station, the walk is anything but “20 minutes” (more akin to 10), but can be traversed by Tube and in any case the changeover is *much* easier than it used to be which involved traversing all of Central London to Waterloo Station.

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