EURO 2022 FINAL: England vs. Germany | Highlights | ESPN FC

IT’S HOME! England be successful in the 2022 Women’s EURO final in a 2-1 overtime triumph over Germany at Wembley Stadium.
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  1. The best sport in the world

  2. Saskatoon in the room!!! Saskatoon in the room!!!!

  3. The womens squad did what the boys couldn’t Well done

  4. Looks like England women’s team brought it home

  5. Don’t mind me just watching for references and trying to see what’s happening 🙂

  6. Well done England. This makes me believe that the best two teams in Europe met in the quarterfinals.

  7. I wonder if these players hate their country and demand equal pay like their american counterpart? I hope not….

  8. Crazy how increasingly popular womens football is getting.

  9. Jose Joaquin Gonzales

    Are we not going to talk about…

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