Euler’s Disk

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Hosted by
Michael Stevens

VFX by
Jack Merline

Music from AudioNetwork



  1. Anyone watching this drunk at 3 am as well?

  2. Prasenjeet Biswas

    If I had a teacher like him, I’m absolutely sure that I would have invented Facebook, Windows and Tesla all by myself b4 I turned 15

  3. Hello dingalings

  4. your a little bit late on this, already been done. seems like your just seriously ripping off others work, the literal cancer of youtube.
    other videos like smarter every day have done a MUCH better job than this. Why bother. Please keep it original, and stop being a cuck

  5. Siegfried Bartolo

    ok allied spy codename: Garbo

  6. Again a very nice video. Reason why it’s getting slower and slower around procession is due to the ballerina effect. Pivoting and then decentralizing mass will slow the procession. As the turning circle gets larger then decentralizing the mass aka getting slower.

  7. What happened to vsauce…

  8. B E A R D

  9. Nicholas Switzer

    Not gonna lie, this made me laugh

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