Etho’s Modded Minecraft S2 #9: Runaway Train

Not fired! Today we delve underground and make an effort to setup an automatic tunnel tiresome machine with the Create mod, which ended up not being uninteresting at all. Then we progress further with Turtlemancy to unlock it is cool boat.

Minecraft: v1.16.5
Seed: -8643623643821936147
Shaders: Complementary Shaders (v4.3.3)

Main Mods Used:
Forge, AdHooks, AlexsMobs, AppleSkin, Aquaculture, ArchitectsPalette, Atmospheric, Autumnity, BagOfYurting, BambooBlocks, BetterEndForge, BetterMineshafts, BiomesOPlenty, Botania, BuzzierBees, CosmicNPCs, CraftingTweaks, Create, CustomNPCs, Cyclic, DarkerDepths, DarkUtilities, DecorativeBlocks, DungeonsGear, DungeonsMobs, DungeonsPlus, DynamicSurroundings, EnchantWithMob, Endergetic, EndRemasteredForge, EnhancedMushrooms, EntityCulling, Environmental, FallingLeaves, FarmersDelight, FerriteCore, FinsAndTails, FramedBlocks, GoblinTraders, Gravestone, GuardVillagers, HandCannon, ImmersiveEngineering, ImmersivePetroleum, InfernalExpansion, InventoryPets, JEI, JER, Journeymap, MarketCrates, Mekanism, MoreMinecarts, Neapolitan, NethersDelight, OptiFine, PneumaticCraftRepressurized, PSI, RemovePotionsIcons, Quark, SavageAndRavage, SophisticatedBackpacks, Spiders2.0, StorageDrawers, Supplementaries, Tetra, Turtlemancy, TwilightForest, UntamedWilds, UpgradeAquatic, ValhelsiaStructures, VisualWorkbench

Note: Many of these mods in addition require extra library mods not mentioned. Forge should give you a list of these needed when you start up the game.

I want to give an extra thanks to the mod makers and the modding community for all your truly excellent hard work.


  1. The turtlemancy stuff is v. v. weird but it’s fun to watch you work through it. Reminds me of the Totemic mod you were working through in FoolCraft 3 with the Jingle Dress lol You danced and danced but couldn’t master the hardest dances. Tbf I don’t know how anyone could play 5 instruments at a time. Anyway, the turtle boat was worth it!

    Still loving this series and the return of Cooking With Etho [At Home]! Your comedic timing is as excellent as ever. What’s the difference between a skillet and a frying pan? That’s a great question!

  2. Next video after modded is usually Hermitcraft. I’m really hoping to see you pop up on Empires. You probably haven’t had time to watch any Hermits or Empires episodes to know what’s happening so I’ll give you the jist: Grian, Keralis, Scar, X, Gem, Impulse, Tango, Doc, Cub, Jev, Pearl, False, Cleo, and Zed all went through the portal rift in Grian’s base together which sent them to the Empires SMP server. The rift then closed behind them and they haven’t been able to get back. Despite the rift being closed, Bdubs went through the rift a week later and then Ren just a few days ago. They both just made up reasons why they arrived late or didn’t bother to explain. It’s kind of how it works on Empires. You just make up your lore and it sticks. So you could make up any reason for how you came through the rift while it was closed. You don’t even have to be a storyteller. Pixlriffs and Joel are proof of that. They just say lore and so it is.

    The hermits at first just got tours of the Empires bases, did some building in some bases/collabs, but then Hermitopia was born. It’s a WIP enormous tower of farms and storage that is being worked on by nearly all of the members of HC while the Hermits try to figure out how to reopen the rift (i.e. when they feel like there is no more story to tell or things to do, I guess). They’re really helping the Empires SMP by providing them with many farms they don’t have, infrastructure they don’t have in place, and builds in some bases were the person is not known for being a builder, or a builder that is not know for being a redstoner (the only person who knows how to do more than basic redstone without following tutorials is Pixlriffs). The big thing that’s happening right now is that there are constantly people streaming from Empires (both the original whitelist and Hermits) and so there are always tons of random collabs all the time. It’s way different than how things work on Hermitcraft and it’s been a breath of fresh air. You wouldn’t have to do the early game as Hermitopia will have everything you need for the taking.

    xB and Beef decided not to go through the rift and have released episodes on Hermitcraft. Mumbo has not returned to season 9 at all. Iskall and Stress are full time playing on the Vault Hunters SMP season 2 during this time. Wels and Hypno have not returned to Hermitcraft for months.

    I hope you decide to do an SMP video next whether it be on Hermitcraft with xB and/or Beef or if you decide to log into the Empires server and maybe do one redstone farm or some redstoney stuff for one or two Empires people? Technically, you are a part of the Empires SMP lore as Bdubs has mentioned you (and Mumbo) as redstone geniuses that he taught and MythicalSausage has repeated that information. And if you join Empires you can fight your boat boys soulmate Joel in his incredible sky base (Joel is really an incredible builder, he has one of the best bases) arena. No one has beaten him yet and only one Hermit so far has accepted his challenge (Cub).

    It probably would feel overwhelming to enter into this so late but I hope you don’t let this unique SMP crossover opportunity pass you by to meet some more cool CCs (and for them to meet you).

  3. I thought earwigs were songs that got stuck in your head lmao

  4. Love the turtlemancy mod

  5. this mod blows my 1.7.2 mind

  6. funnels can drop items while on contraptions. put a brass funnel on the drill and set it to drop all the items you dont want

  7. Jibbacraft Teamplays

    Etho, what has been your favorite series so far?

    Mine are PO2 Kappa Mode, and the old school Team Canada CTM maps.

    Have you considered a colab with Beef and/or BDubs anytime soon? Those of us who lived through the glory days of the Mindcrack craze would, I’m sure, love it.

    Happy trails!

  8. Can’t forget my snacks

  9. Etho was in such a happy and silly mood when he recorded this! I was giggling through the whole first 10 minutes!! We love you Etho! Never stop!

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