Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 575: Catch Up Projects

This episode I attempt to catch up with the many assorted preservation jobs around the globe. We in addition check out a new Mural at the now ended Guardian Farm, a Slime Farm update, the Villager Trading system progress, and we look into another way of doing Wither Rose farms.

Reminder: Folks marketing, spamming, or being impolite in the channel remarks will be blocked.


  1. Bothered Rain Frog

    I hope you’re doing okay etho

  2. Lovely episode. 🙂

  3. You put your heart and soul into this game and I am forever inspired by your passion, for both it and your viewers

  4. Random Voice ie. Ian Tan

    Hello, yes hello. Hello? Hello hello hello. Hello hello. Hello.

    Edit: What a nostalgic callback to that creeper face, even though the thumbnail’s always there.

  5. Adrian_ Zombturtle

    1:09 I’ve always gotten disturbed when I see those 2 slabs in the road I wish it was straight

  6. Hey Etho!

    I have been watching you since episode 60 or so (and after 10 episodes decided to watch all 59 before that too) and the debate of posting other games/starting or finishing mods etc. has come up more times than there are years in your series.
    The “youtube stops recommending if the content isn’t being watched” argument is a good one, but I still think people would love to see you play other games/mods/content that is not as polished as your Let’s Play!. For example, I love watching BDoubleO tell a story while he is collecting resources.

    Personally, I think the best workaround is to get a second channel. But it needs some clear rules (to protect you and your channel):
    – You do not spend any / much time on polishing the video’s if you don’t want to. What people see is what people get. Rough cuts in the video or half an hour of resource gathering without commentary shouldn’t be a problem. The main channel is for polished work. When you think something is not enjoyable watching, you can still upload it there. There will always be people that enjoy it.
    – You are not required to upload. If you feel like playing on your own to ‘escape’ youtube, don’t upload. You have no obligation to explain why the last episode you were having wooden tools and the next episode, you are building an Enderman farm (as a Minecraft example).
    – You should name the channel in a way that it is not as easily connected to your main channel (so not: “EthosLab2” or “Etho Plays Other Games”). That way, people are still excited to watch your video’s when they see a polished one pop up (people see from the thumbnail what kind of video it is), but can choose to skip a video from the “E to the T to your mom” channel.

    Enough typing. As always, I love what you do, and with me, millions.
    Love you!

  7. It’s always a highlight, when i watch one of your video!!

  8. Made a script not long ago to scan all inventories in a world for stuff (to count all the undiscovered FREE GLASS in the HC season 7 world download – 699 btw) so in a couple years after episode 600 I’ll let you know where your wither roses are 😀

  9. This has definitely been my favourite episode ever since I started watching.

  10. Wow I legitimately spat out my drink when Etho said he started working on the guardian farm eight years ago. I guess everyone’s saying it but that does not feel real.

    Funnily enough, I remember when I first started watching this series a lot of episodes featured Etho trying to fix the slime farm and the slime cart system… so this was a lovely full circle!

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