Escaping the NEVER ENDING Unbreakable Tower!

We created an unbreakable box tower and trapped Team Edge inside it! Joey has no notion how many boxes he will have to break through! Each level gets more and more difficult and if he doesn’t escape in time something will happen. This entire challenge is a mystery! I trapped Joey because he trapped me in an unbreakable coffin, so we had to get him back!




  1. Victoria Blackman

    JESUS saves 🙌
    JESUS heals
    JESUS forgives
    JESUS loves you
    JESUS restores brokenness
    JESUS is there for those who feel lonely or lost


  2. Victoria Blackman

    This world is be coming scary hold on to Jesus. WE NEED JESUS back in our homes, school, work place on the street corner please hold on to Jesus and accept him in your life before it’s to late💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  3. IcekingGhost Ghostshinyhunter

    Lol it was funny how Joey tried to get out and got dumped on lol xD

  4. My name is joey

  5. Some one uplifted the other never ending box

  6. That video went way too quick. Couple hours worth of footage distilled to 8 minutes? Feel like there’s a lot missing.

  7. Time Travel Walk

    Thank you for this immersive video! Enjoyed watching from anywhere around the world. 👍

  8. gives me backrooms vibes

  9. kittykittybangbang

    Underwhelming and a waste of time.

  10. Lolybit_ Does_Stuff

    You went too easy on him

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