Escaping Minecraft’s Most Perfect Prison (gaia’s vault v3) ft. SeenSven

it was only a matter of time.

my discord:

HUGE thank you to the gaia’s vault build team and everyone else who helped to make this beast of a video clip. in addition regretful to all people who waited so long ;3;

you should go compliment all these people for their spectacles, they took the time out of their day to help me make a video clip trashing their jail that they spent months building so i think they deserve some love.

0:00 – opening
1:07 – speaking to shiro
1:44 – sven’s promise
2:56 – the jail
4:25 – final moment of peace
5:04 – captured
5:53 – intro
8:44 – ranting about guardians
9:43 – bruteforce
10:35 – deaf’s report
11:20 – phase one: entry
16:39 – phase two: disturbance
21:48 – an everlasting fight
23:35 – phase three: battle
25:20 – mythrodak vs sven
26:52 – hacking the portal system
28:12 – this is the end


what is this place?


  1. You brought this upon you yourself, my dear friend…

  2. The role play is amashing

  3. 8:32 Erm SciCraft?

  4. God fcking dammit this gave me chills holly sht

  5. I’ll be making my own prison for you, Mythrodak.
    I’ll keep you posted, but this time it’ll be 100% inescapable. you’ll see.

  6. These are always cinematic masterpieces

  7. After 20 minutes it says something went wrong I kept refreshing the page and again after 20 mins it said something went wrong

  8. One question: why do they want to put you in prison like what crime did you commit? Having a parrot as a pet?

  9. What kind of ending is this!?!?

  10. noooooooooooo

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