Escape from Tarkov Beta – 0.13 Patch trailer (feat. the Streets of Tarkov)

Presenting the long anticipated Streets of Tarkov location and many other additions and features of forthcoming 0.13 patch.


  1. battle state should learn from War Thunder how to make trailers)

  2. Another Gaming Channel

    Song name!?

  3. Looks like Ukraine.

  4. what about some optimisation uh?

  5. топ мне нрав

  6. Kartella ProGames Андерсон

    Трейлер полный провал. Сегодня побегаем глянем что зп улицы.

  7. Cristian Radulescu

    It looks FPS…..intensive :))

  8. Lesss goo Aug in tarkov

  9. 6 hours to play this map 24 frames
    With pc of 2000 dollars

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