Erling Haaland’s lone goal leads Manchester City to win vs. Bayern Munich | Highlights | ESPN FC

Erling Haaland scores his first goal with Manchester City in the 12th minute of a 1-0 match vs. Bayern Munich from Lambeau Field.


  1. Where’s Mane?

  2. Adrian Fernandez

    This Bayern side is too weak!! 2019 Bayern in Houston vs Real Madrid made it look like a training. I was at both games.

  3. 80 min game ?! WHY?!

  4. Lucas Argandoña

    Haland is probably like: “Finally! I can now beat Bayern Munich!” 😂

  5. Soccer> anything

  6. La liga inglesa la mejor

  7. You can have this game city we don’t need it. Will see you at the champions league

  8. whyy is man city wearing white shorts?

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    *(Look up at the sky and ask God)*

  10. I can’t believe haaland missed that goal all by himself

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