Erica & Safaree TRY To Get On The Same Page | Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

After a rocky few months, Erica Mena and Safaree try to find out where their marriage is at (and where it is goin from here… 👀.


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  1. Naudia Lockett

    He gonna make her leave him on purpose

  2. Jeannine quarles

    He is the problem.I been knew this.Erica grew up.And she really loves him.And a woman does not want to do it all by herself.He is so selfish.Kick rocks Safaree.She is aggressive because your ignorant.

  3. Not him gaslighting her about some pictures. L-o-s-e-r.

  4. Yvette Robinson

    Idc that’s both they fault for moving so fast smh that lust and infatuation faded and reality set in

  5. Wow, this is exactly what it looks and feels like when you get married for the wrong reasons. Erica may need to send him back to the streets, hell Nikli did it. I hope he levels up now.

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