Ep #3: The Rosewood Massacre | Dark History Podcast

Howdy friends, elated Thursday!
Welcome to the Dark History podcast. Today, we’ll discuss the appalling tale of The Rosewood Massacre, and how one lie led to mass death and destruction. I appreciate you for coming by, and tune in next week for more dark history.

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03:30 The Town of Rosewood
07:56 The Beginning
10:15 The Rumor
12:51 Jesse Hunter and Sam Carter
18:31 The Mob
21:40 The Carrier House
24:12 Fleeing Rosewood
27:50 The Bryce Brothers
30:26 The Final Day
33:17 The Aftermath
37:40 The Victims
40:54 Rosewood Today


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Community.” The Historian 58, no. 3 (1996): 605-22. Accessed May 23, 2021.

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This podcast is Executive Produced by:
Bailey Sarian,

Chelsea Durgin from Slash Mgmt,


Fanny Baudry, Avi Gandhi, Derrial Christon and Spencer Strasmore from Wheelhouse DNA

Video Director: Trent Barboza

Producer: Lexxi Kiven

Research provided by: Elizabeth Hyman

Writer: Haley Gordon & Bailey Sarian

I’m your host – Royal princess of the Dark, Bailey Sarian


Historical Consultants:

Dr. Edward González-Tennant
(Teacher of Anthropology, College of Central Florida)

Dr. Maxine Jones
(Instructor of History, Florida State University)


  1. Hollywood land?? Yeah I need that episode ASAP.

  2. Shakerra Williams

    The movie was great and gives you a glimpse of what happened.

  3. Wait, funniest moment of this ENTIRE video is at 4:09 TRUST ME

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