England vs Pakistan | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 – Match Highlights

England suffered a sensational upset at the hands of encouraged Pakistan in their second World Cup match at Trent Bridge.

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  1. They won because they weren’t paid enough to lose. Just wait til later when it really counts. Bribes talk, bullshit walks

  2. TheSidhwandona

    it shows a Pakistani supporter’s mindset when they booed on Joe Root’s 100. worst fans ever, they abuse their own team and they don’t appreciate a batsman’s 100. pathetic

  3. Only legendary people like this comment

  4. Pkmkb

  5. Allahtawakal Virk

    Dislikes from Afghanistan and India ????

  6. #22 in Trends in GERMANY

  7. Trending #1 in Pakistan
    #4 in India
    #2 in Australia
    #4 in Canada
    #3 in England
    #14 in America.
    And many more,, Pakistan Power ??☢☢☢☢

  8. Big Alii Plays

    1:20 what a shot

  9. Never wear blue against Pakistan ?❤❤❤❤????


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