England vs. Iran Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

England and Iran faced off in the World Cup. Jude Bellingham scored in the 35th minute. Bellingham is only 19 years of age and is participating in his World Cup debut this season. England’s Raheem Sterling and Bukayo Saka discovered the net for a second and 3rd time in the 43rd and 45th minutes to increase England’s lead to 3-0. The scoring did not stop there as Bukayo Saka would score again in the 62nd minute. Iran showed some life and notched their first goal of the World Cup in the 65th minute via Mehdi Taremi. Jack Grealish added a goal which marked six total for England. Iran would add a punishment kick later and the score would end up 6-2 in favor of England.

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England vs.


  1. Which goal was your favorite?

  2. Good grief, FOX, you guys really need to learn how to do proper highlights! Please watch how NBC does the extended highlights of the Premier League and learn how to edit a game into an interesting 5-10 minute video! This feels like some high school kid took 5 minutes to throw something together on some Android phone!

  3. This gotta be the best stream to date! Definitely better then any Twitch steamer has ever made

  4. i think england they are very lucky in the first game on the same time they did great job because there no opportunity was lost on their game but about iran they look like is their time to qualify this time but their participate very important for those big nations teams .

  5. Name of the entrance song that was playing in the background?

  6. Man Iran got slaughtered 😅

  7. These WC edits are horrendous- highlights need to be comprehensive of everything that happens during the game. Not just the goals and the saves lol. Literally shows how the Americans in charge here no as much as I know about American football lol. This is usually the same with PL or LaLiga highlights too- absolutely horribly done.

  8. England hands down the best defense in this WC

  9. England happy beating a delusioned team that ignored to honour their national anthem? They were a protesting team. Their remaining games will similarly reward their opponents with 3 points.

  10. What is that song that is played in the beginning?

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