‘Empire’ Might Be Canceled Entirely Because Of Jussie Smollett

R.Kelly reacts to Gayle King interview (00:06)
R.Kelly publicist says interview helped R. Kelly (00:43)
Juice Wrld on track for Number one album (01:49)
Juelz Santana and Kimbella awaiting (02:18)
Kevin Hart new Netflix special (02:45)
Jussie Smollett might get ‘Empire’ canceled (03:59)

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  1. It’s amazing how black people have “meet a black person” campaigns, yet jussie Smollett doesn’t have a single white friend.

  2. Oh well. Show jumped the shark like 40 times already anyway.

  3. The show was like a soft gay porn anyways they should’ve had that shit on logo. I couldn’t even watch it with my kids around.

  4. Oof

  5. WHEN racism in América is so none existing that you have to Hire two africans to be racist to you??????

  6. I thought everyone switched from empire to power. Anyways I never seen empire more do I want too I rather watch power or start up

  7. Oh great now what is he gonna do…?

  8. jessica Pustizzi

    0:33 I love how calm she was through all that

  9. The whole morals clause confusion that they were talking about is probably the big debate going on. It might be cheaper to just pay everyone off rather than have to launch a new season with or without him with or without a guilty charge. the fact that he hasn’t been convicted, only indicted, means that potentially a trial could occur—which would take a year to organize. His lack of current criminal conviction puts them into a bind—if they go on and he’s convicted then the show is a joke and ridiculed; fire him now and he’s proven innocent and they’re the bastards; wait too long and they look like they’re hedging their bets because of him, which potentially opens them up for a lawsuit if they cancel and he’s proven innocent because then he can come back with the massive lawsuit that says they pre-judged him and created the idea that he did something that warranted a shut down show and non-renewal.

    The safest exit for the network might be to cancel Empire by not renewing it. Networks have turned to season by season renewal for just this kind of bullshit storm. The conciliation prize might be pushing more resources into Star and letting some characters migrate there, something completely distant from Empire but with the same audience base. And they’ve already got gay/trans characters covered so they don’t have to deal with the potential gay replacement on Empire or negating that, which is part of its draw.

  10. Cancel that shit if a white person would have done what he done they would fire him make him out to be a racist piece of shit and ran him thur the ringer black people need to be accountable for the Shit they do and face the same consciences we face for the same stuff

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