Emma Chamberlain for the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 Show


  1. Brune Castillon

    casually sits next to madeleine petsch

  2. don’t like it when i see people hate on louis vuitton for inviting emma to these things. she has a great personality and an awesome sense of style, why shouldn’t she be invited?

  3. Tommy's Home Haunt Illinois

    *and i oop-*

  4. I can confirm you guy left the footage in C-log.

  5. Glowball

  6. Last two years ago she was just DIY-ing her clothes. So proud of you Emma

  7. *”Oh you know”*

  8. Ayeeee live in Nyyyyy

    Anyone else??

  9. Obsessed & depressed Tours

    She’s changed so much…

  10. She’s famous cuz her parents are rich af.

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