Emily In Paris: Season 3 – Better or Worse?

SONG 1: “Oleander” by Wayfloe

SONG 2: “Paris At Night” by Wayfloe

0:00 Intro
3:15 Catching Up
9:36 Emily 3.0
26:28 The Other Characters
39:54 The Writing & Why The Show Still Exists
51:31 Conclusion


  1. Emily doesn’t experience character growth? excuse me, she has BANGS now!!!

  2. If I were to rewrite this show, I’d make it a show that switched slowly from an english show to a french one. Like, as Emily learned the language, and was able to keep up with more and more french conversations, the show would slowly use more and more french and less and less english.

  3. 17:10 Oh so they decided instead of being racist this season they’d be biphobic? Great. Terrific. Love that.

  4. Something missing..just not up to the first series of variety themes or story lines. Hard to get through for my time.
    Maybe try again after few episodes pick up
    …or not.

  5. I actually really enjoyed this season, Yes I disliked alot of the character, Yes I disliked the plot, but something made me actually enjoy it, but I think that’s because I’ve given up hope I’m trying to genuinely enjoy it

  6. I agree S3 is the best for me as well..also she is like Don Draper just lucky all the time lol

  7. Q imnotfalldenkassenbonwegwerfen

    You’re doomed

  8. Having rich powerful parents gets you three tries when most people won’t get a second

  9. bro got so confused that he started speaking different languages

  10. I don’t watch Emily in Paris, I watch your reviews because they are that entertaining.
    I hope EiP lasts 10 seasons just so I can hear a ton more of your reviews

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