Elon Musk Explains SpaceX’s Merlin Engine!

Today we are getting a history and engineering lesson with Elon Musk about SpaceX’s Raptor engine. We discuss some of the early design decisions and how the engine has evolved.

00:00 – Intro
00:55 – Overview of Merlin
02:30 – Ablative Merlin
04:45 – Merlin 1C regen and spiral nozzle
09:35 – First Falcon 9 Flight Rotation
11:30 – Pintle Injector
17:00 – Outro


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  1. Are there plans to restock that model XD?

  2. Starship Captain

    Did the FAA delay Starship launch to orbit with Raptor? Or was SpaceX not ready or did Elon decide to accelerate Raptor 2 because of the delay?

  3. It always strikes me how small rocket engines are when you see them in person, or have someone standing by them for reference.

  4. Amazing video Tim!! You have come so far with what you do! Your videos are top notch! Can not wait for the raptor video!

  5. Yes, yes, yes! This is good content.

  6. Neal Raudabaugh


  7. Anniefanny Charles

    Smart man. Just needs to stay away from women that are waaay beneath him.

  8. Space engineering really is other Worldly

  9. Yea so this is the video to send to those people claiming elon is not a engineer but just a fraud and business dude pumping fake products

  10. What a quality content creator!

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