Eliminate Yourself From a Bad Date | Cut

This episode of the Button is a bit different. Press the button and expel yourself!


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About Cut:
Little questions have mighty effects when they go viral. Cut spreads tales for fun, for serious, and for real – bringing the internet together one uncomfortable moment at a time.

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  1. Stephen should have been removed the moment he kissed her. I feel really bad for Ashley.

  2. “What do you do?”
    “Im getting underpaid at a nonprofit”

  3. Marchello Grandberry

    Did she really say she was too cute for Seattle lololololol.

  4. Why would y’all put that long haired dude who was making all the girls uncomfortable in this video? Who approved that?! This video was wasted from him being toooo much. Those girls were probably excited to come try out a fun dating experience and this what y’all did for them? Hell nooooo.

  5. Stephen is gross.

  6. I love how cut takes the advise we give them and keep changing the dynamic of this game. I’m also glad they’re doing 3 person limit. The people that stay the longest are always annoying 😅

  7. Letting sexual assault happen on set, fire vid. 🔥

  8. they really reworked the whole game just due to that one girl from last episode💀💀

  9. That guy with the open shirt 😬🚮

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