Elias becomes 24/7 Champion on Shane McMahon Appreciation Night: SmackDown LIVE, May 28, 2019

When the pursue for the 24/7 Championship disrupts a tribute to Shane-O-Mac, R-Truth pays dearly.


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  1. Nooooooooooo

  2. Jeff Wellington III

    Elias = New Macho Man
    Drew McIntyre is perfect wrestler he had everything to be the star
    Please push them

  3. When Shane is looking at truth like what are u doing, make that a gif that’s a meme just waiting

  4. This dude don’t even got entrance music whack

  5. jeremiah augustin

    But elis lost his champion ship

  6. Lee Roy Castillo

    Shane should bring back THE CORPORATION!!!!!

  7. One day Drew will get mad for using him like a weapon and will turn face and he will be brave enough to beat Seth Rollins AND When he wins the universal championship He will be STRONG enough to humiliate Brock By Making Brock fail his cash in

  8. Theman305tillidie

    I cant be the only one who watches these videos and thinks to themselves ….. SHUT UP SAXTON

  9. And once Elias wins, Shane suspends the 24/7 rule…for the 24/7 belt…making it utterly pointless.

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