Elders React To Seeing Their Black And White Photos In Color For The First Time

Elders respond to seeing their black and white photographs in color for the
first time. Watch to look at their reactions.

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Elders React To Seeing Their Black And White Photos
In Color For The First Time


  1. Hi.. In between scenes there’s a blinking lights and it’s hurting my eyes.. Can you please fix that? Good video BTW. But I couldn’t finished it because the light.

  2. Clip That Shit

    Yeti is everywhere run! ?‍♀️

  3. Amanda Hamburg

    This has to be one of the most wholesome and heartwarming videos i have seen on this channel. Absolutely loved it.

  4. This is the wholesome content I signed up for

  5. ツBinaryManiac

    Everybody’s STILL commenting at the same time!!!?????

  6. How lovely. They were all so happy. I had tears in my eyes.

  7. Roger is one of the coolest grandpa I’ve seen

  8. I never new color could make me so emotional

  9. oh so grandpa was hot HOT

  10. Lol but I remember that dress being blue me: and I oop

  11. I love this

  12. Elizabeth making me cry ? I’m so happy for her

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