EGG DROP – Bobby Duke vs William Osman

Professional egg dropper William Osman challenges Bobby Duke to an egg drop.


  1. 6:55 subtitles should just say “woman complaining”

  2. Ross The Maker

    6:54 *”I AM HowToBasic!”*

  3. This video cured my ligma

  4. That guy that sued h3h3

  5. Of course Michael knows that guy

  6. If I had a nickel for every cracked egg from William’s egg drops, I would have two nickels

  7. Plot twist: cameraman John is shaggy in disguise

  8. P. E BBN. I. S.

  9. Rufus Mullhaupt

    Water doesn’t compress…..?

  10. Heh hee You guys are Funny ??

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