Effortlessly 3 Star the 2016 Challenge (Clash of Clans)

The 10 Years of Clash Event brings the 2016 Challenge to Clash of Clans! Judo Sloth Gaming shares an Attack Tutorial Guide to 3 Star this TH11 Challenge. The New Event, 10 Years of Clash, brings a New Challenge Level daily to highlight the 1 decade of Clash of Clans. Todays Hybrid Strategy provides too much spells that you will easily 3 star using my strategy. Clash On!

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  1. Judo Sloth Gaming

    Best of luck with the 2016 Challenge. You get a lot of Spells for the Hybrid so as ever I kept the strategy as easy as possible. Subscribe for the remaining challenge tutorials

    2015 Challenge Strategy: https://youtu.be/muVNeT2ODq8

  2. Love from India (gujarat)

  3. Justine Ronquillo Caranto

    I can’t live without this tutorials thank u so much 😘

  4. this was so easy with the tutorial

  5. Mr.Mooostachejeff

    I have no idea how to get a three star without these vids lol

  6. Thank u judo ❤️

  7. I just queen walked the base the same locationas you did and then reinforced with other heroes. Then i just miner from the bottom left corner and with heals and rage after the xbows r destroyed i just spam on the bottom keft

  8. Actually, I just forgot using the Warden by using your Method and it worked out anyway xD You´re great, go on doing great content

  9. Thank you for your support 👍🏼 I got it in the 1st try and had 1 healing spell and 2 rage spells left

  10. Kanaiyalal Prajapati


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