Effortlessly 3 Star Jolly Clashmas Challenge #3 (Clash of Clans)

The Jolly Clashmas Event brings 5 Challenge Levels to Clash of Clans. Judo Sloth Gaming shares an Attack Tutorial Guide for Level 3 so that you can 3 Star this TH15 Hog Rider Challenge. The New Event, Jolly Clashmas, brings a multiple challenge levels so that you can unlock some Clan House Customisable Parts. Clash On!

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► Judo Sloth Gaming is a mobile gaming channel concentrated on Clash of Clans. You will see a variety of videos focused on being Educational but Entertaining! You will find Informational Guides on Everything in CoC. Clash On!


  1. Best of luck with Challenge 3. It may take you some practice to get used to the timing if you are not a TH15. Subscribe for my remaining challenge guides

    Challenge 1: https://youtu.be/bNVCyms9A4I
    Challenge 2: https://youtu.be/Alb8bHOTfYc

  2. Thx judo

  3. great video

  4. i 3 star bases by just spaming troops in one position and using spells

  5. This was really really hard. I got it though… with 1 second to spare!

  6. You are awesome but this is ridiculous

  7. That’s just too much. Screw that

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  9. Judo I have a question, I am a player that had a maxed th 8 and I’m only a day or two away from rushing to th 11. Would you say that sneaky goblins + invis & haste is better than mass baby dragon farming?

  10. I love you so much best strat, everyone else’s strats were really complicated

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