Edwin Díaz suffers evident leg injury after celebrating Puerto Rico’s victory vs Dominican Republic

Puerto Rico’s closer Edwin Díaz suffered an evident leg injury after celebrating win over the Dominican Republic.

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  1. miguel Angel alonso

    Ojala que mexico les gane,por creidos

  2. It is a standard protocol for emergency medical technicians to step in. They would have placed him on a stretcher. Stabilized his leg. In this pretend event they put him in a wheelchair after attempting to carry him off the field…. This is Keystone cop Folly.
    Edwin was never injured

  3. Thats hilarious. Go Cubs.

  4. Let it be known that all major league players don’t celebrate by jumping up and down just embrace with high five. The major league baseball should request that the world classic be moved after the MLB season is over.

  5. I am Mexican and when I saw this I almost cried. Puerto Rico is our next rival but you never wish an injury in anyone. Praying for a speedy recovery. Much Love to Mis hermanos Puerto Riqueños from California

  6. Did dude just pull a Gramatica and get hurt from celebrating?

  7. That’s why you only celebrate what it is celebrating like y’all won the tournament smh😂😂

  8. Classic stupidity

  9. JrFifteen aka PumpMan23

    My first thought is torn acl

  10. What an idiot!!!

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