Ed’s LJ 20 wiring is finished! Lights are on! Will the Golden Nugget run?!?

Back @Fab Rats shop to finish up the wiring harness. Nugget Q&A with Paul and Chad. First crank…. with bonus at the end.

If you are not yet acquainted with the Nugget, check out all the video clips here…

in addition, during fabrication..


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  1. Hey everything looked great! A question for my own wiring betterment, is there a reason you don’t use the split plastic loom stuff? It definitely seems like what you used would take up less space and be easier to work with but I’m just what your reasons are because I consider you an expert in car wiring

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  3. Great piece of work Sir!!

  4. So you sound extremely similar to Matt. Brothers? Related?

  5. Hey Chad, I put a cold shoe extent-ion on my Go pro to move the Mic and Dead Cat far enough above the lens so I don’t see it. Works great now and not that annoyance of seeing the dead cat. Great Great job, on the wiring. That’s not easy

  6. 47 years later it’s alive again!!!!

  7. Esteban Díaz Monsalves

    Yessss, great job Chad, at last we see golden nugget alive !!!!!

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