Eddsworld – Zombeh Picnic

Death’s a picnic.

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Eddsworld follows the courageous adventures of Edd and his troublesome group of friends as they tackle zombies, devils, clones and everyday life.

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  1. Hey everyone, and happy Halloween! We hope you enjoyed this new short!
    You can listen to the sond on Weebl’s Bandcamp page (and soon Spotify or iTunes too), and you can support Eddsworld by joining our Patreon or buying some awesome pins and tees! Links in the description!

  2. BlueHatWithABlackJacket

    0:32 ptom theres an eye,use it

  3. When is Surf and Turf wars part 2 coming soon?

  4. Emoji_arjimo🩸black_lalisam fanı


  5. Nicoleta Birgaoanu

    I have a dejavu now

  6. эдд том и мэт с торд когда напали зомби всех убивают

    также эдд том и мэт без торда мы здохли

    ps:я знаю что тогда торд и мэт сдохли но том и эдд выжили

  7. What we thought we were getting: New zombie Eddsworld episode
    What we actually got: Random unnamed grandma soloing all the zombies

    Were we happy? Oh yeah

  8. Great call back to zombeh nation

  9. Just like old times😌

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