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You paid for the entire seat, but you will only need the egg.

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Eddsworld follows the valiant adventures of Edd and his distressing group of friends as they tackle zombies, devils, clones and everyday life.

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  1. Hey everyone! Thank you for watching our new Eddisode! If you enjoyed it, please make sure you’re subscribed and check out the links in the description for more ways to get involved with Eddsworld!

  2. 8:38 – Glad to see Bing still being included in the Eddsworld shorts! <3

  3. 6:02 team rocket

  4. Me alegra que haya vuelto mi serie favorita, por cierto pobre Eduardo

  5. *Eduardo :,( I miss jon too*

  6. João Pedro Soares Meirelles Durval

    Ah yes, an actual 10 min eddisode
    Aftrr 6 years

  7. The Packing Pacjack

    Me: It’s been a while Edword-

    *Crazy fans scare off the crew again

    Me: *sigh…it was good while it lasted

  8. 100% classic Eddsworld

  9. “im gonna miss toms car” it sounded a bit like “im gonna miss tomska” the new tom is good , and this is great

  10. Charles Ryan T. Selda

    Can you do red leader

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