Eddsworld – Surf & Turf Wars pt. 1

If you can not beach them, join them.

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Written & Directed by
Matt Hargreaves
& Andy Clift

Produced by
Christopher Bingham

Sound & Foley by Cymatic Studios

#Eddsworld #animation #toon #EW #EWbeyond

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  1. Hey everyone!! We hope you like the new Eddisode! Leave a comment with your predictions for part two!
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  2. As if the fandom isn’t going enough nuts over monster Tom. NOW WE HAVE LOBSTER MATT

  3. “No you’re so hot” 💀💀💀

  4. Christopher Trottimouuuuuuuse

  5. I like how many irl Matt references the Animated Matt has, like his strange connection to lobsters?

  6. Finally a new eddisode

  7. What about an episode where tord comes back for revenge

  8. Uma pessoa Ignoranda

    Im so exited about the eddswolrd return, keep doing a great job you’re my inspiration <3

  9. Not sure if I’ve grown out of it but this humour did not hit me

  10. A LOT OF REFERENCES. And voice actors very similar to original ones)

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