ECONOMY CLASS on THREE Airlines in ONE DAY! (Which is best?)

We flew in Economy Class on Three Airlines in One Day! That’s all three major US Airlines back-to-back in the same day to figure out which is the best.

Most of us travel in Economy Class and it can be a great way to fly! Each of these airlines says it’s the best, but which really is the top economy airline in the United States?

We tried all three in one day in order to show you what it’s like.

You’ll see the entire Economy Class experience from boarding to landing.

Of course, we’ll take-off and check out the airlines’ seats, economy class food offering, inflight entertainment options, and even the onboard service experience for each one.

At the end of the video, we’ll rate Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and American Airlines in order to find out which is the best…and which is the worst major US Airline in the Economy Class in the United States.

Delta Air Lines Food:

United Airlines Food:

American Airlines Food:

0:00 Introduction
0:41 Delta Air Lines Economy Class
5:58 United Airlines
11:14 American Airlines
14:49 US Airlines Ranking

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  1. everytime i see these videos im sad that i cant afford to fly and never was in a plane 🙁 but these videos are sooo good

  2. Delta is still my #1 BUT they’ve been struggling to keep that stellar service and timeliness. UA has been doing better recently but they still have a long way to go. AA is still consistently last place although it’s usually the most affordable but it’s not worth the headaches the crews are always too busy doing nothing and AA wins for the most amount of last minute terminal and gate changes 😂

  3. Transpennine Trainspotter

    Do Alaska airlines First class and economy class! To anchorage

  4. yikes, that american pilot slamed it to LGA lol

  5. As a frequent delta flier, this was a pretty interesting video. Surprised American didn’t do that well, and I’m surprised United… did.

  6. A Grand Seiko SBGE283 is a fantastic choice of watch for a cross country trip roughing it with the rest of us on the economy seats! This is probably the most relevant video for the 95% of us!

  7. I’ve noted that American’s Airbus’ feel roomier than their 737s (in Econ).

  8. I’ve always chosen to fly United, but my last two flights were with American and I must say I enjoyed my experience with them.

  9. Of these 3 airlines, United is my least favorite (sorry, Suzanne). My second last flight on United in April (MCI to ORD) the only “service” was a flight attendant walking down the aisle with a bottle of water and some cups and you had to catch their attention even to get the water. On the trip back (after a couple of weeks in Germany) the check-in folks were extremely rude, including a supervisor. Absolutely HATE that airline. (but I LOVE Delta).

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