EATING All The WEIRD Cereals of 2019 | TASTE TEST | Alonzo Lerone

Official “EATING All The WEIRD Cereals of 2019” video clip by Alonzo Lerone.

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  1. No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Lorenzo: *grabs giant soon and bowl~ sPiLlS evEryTHinG*

    Everyone: Nooooooooooo

  2. Kowalski Analysis

    Who eats cereal with a spoon that big ?
    Also I hope he doesn’t make that big of a mess every time he eats cereal ?

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  4. Anyone remember that Dora cereal that was sold around 2005-2012?

  5. I heard him swallow….I FREAKING HEARD HIS SWALLOWING.

  6. 8:46 your face killed me

  7. lawrence massaro

    best one is honey maid smor’s gotta agree with that

  8. So no one gonna say anything about him pouring the milk before the cereal and boy whatcha talm bout honey smacks are good asf ? you must not be black enough or you haven’t been through the struggle ?

  9. 10:35 he sounded like a frickin moutain lion?

  10. All of them sound delicious except the sour patch kids one. Bleh disgusting ???

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