Dylan O’Brien Reads Thirst Tweets

The wait is over, people! Dylan O’Brien finally read your thirst twitter statements and it was a fun, sexy time for everybody. So, how does he truly feel about your love for his blonde buzzcut? And what twitter statement would he print on a pair of underpants? Tune in to figure out! #DylanOBrien #NotOkay #ThirstTweets

Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/164053

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Celebs + pups, kitties, thirst twitter statements, and more = so much yes.

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  1. Mostly are too tamed. Those are not thirsty at all! 😭

  2. I’ve never seen someone enjoy reading thirst tweets as much as Dylan O’Brien! What a guy!😂❤‍🔥🤟 He even wanted more explicit ones💀

  3. Most tweets about Dylan O’Brien are on the same level as the eyelashes one so they had to dig deep for this cute ones

  4. A couple of these made him GAPE?

  5. Angel Constantino

    Can’t believe he’s ok with the organs and back breaking but won’t pluck an eyelash 😭

  6. Y’all say thirst tweets but give them quenched tweets. COMMIT HARDER

  7. I just know everybody’s waiting for this moment to happen

  8. 😂😂😂… now we gotta find that burner account 😩

  9. Oh my God. 🤣

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