Dustin Johnson vs. Fore Play – One Club Challenge, 9 iron

After Dustin Johnson proved that he could swing it left-handed better than we could right, we ran it back in a one-club challenge. The 2020 Masters champion pulled 9 iron on a long par 5 to try and take us down, but in addition hit one of the most formidable 3 forest you will ever see for fun.

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  1. I dont know anything about golf, but I recognize a group of simps when I see one.

  2. Pride Printing & Design Studio

    Trents reaction to DJs 3 wood shot was so pure and hilarious.

  3. Great videos but I don’t understand why it is necessary to use so much profanity? It really takes away from the production. Clean up your filth please.

  4. Does Frankie ever shut the fuck up blaming the flags for his poor aiming ability? Jesus man he mentioned about 5 times I promise you no one cares

  5. Where are they playing

  6. Riggs fucking sucks

  7. Why are you guys famous? You all SUCK ASS AT GOLF. Doesnt take a PGA Tour player to wipe the floor with you guys. Dont understand how people make money making videos shooting 100+

  8. DJ is just awesome

  9. Wow they were terrible 😏, DJ beat them with a 9 iron smh

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