Dustin Johnson Vs Fore Play – Lefty Challenge

Dustin Johnson is a record contestant. You have seen it on the PGA TOUR innumerable times, so you know the 2020 Masters champ would never back down from a challenge.

We knew DJ was a solid left-handed participant, but desired to understand how good… so we challenged him to take on the Fore Play crew opposite-handed. It is been over 12 months since DJ last stepped on the other side of the ball and swung a club lefty, but he’s self-assured he can compete. Notice how it all goes down against the two time major champ!

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  1. DJ plays foreplay left handed and asks if his 6 inch putt is “good” but last week didn’t ask them same when playing Kevin Na in the Dell Match play series. Classic DJ.

  2. “What a fucking arsehole his guy is” great banter.

  3. Mackenzie Friesen

    “He’s better than all of us” – Frankie
    No really bud

  4. 5:44 Most excited I’ve ever seen Dustin is when he’s not talking golf

  5. 7:47 DJ just throwing a hog in

  6. lmao Large isnt a 4 and riggs aint a 5

  7. How are they all so bad at golf

  8. Please get him to play 18 with you guys… this was awesome!

  9. Another impressive performance by Trent

  10. DJ makes Lurch look regular sized

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