Duskers Review

Duskers is a strategy fright game about sending drones into derelict spaceships to figure out why humanity has disappeared. Love capable of transcending dimensions of time and space not included.

00:00 – Intro
00:31 – Game Premise
03:00 – Atmosphere
06:35 – Gameplay Mechanics
11:23 – Story & Progression
13:42 – Conclusions
14:15 – Credits
15:35 – Door Stuck

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  1. Duskers 55% Off – https://gog.la/deathroombas
    THE LIST – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_K3ziSxT9zcUUGCddS4sF1uNJTWHSbOwB1CQX2Rx4Uo
    Figured it’d be a good time to finally talk about this game before the Halloween games got roaring!

  2. I like the Alien atmosphere. I will wishlist it.

  3. Edf footage? Please oh god yes.

  4. I’ve played Duskers years ago and I’ve had so much fun with it… until I didn’t.
    It’s just like you said – at some point, you’ll realise you’ve grown bored because there’s nothing new anymore. I was really hoping this game would get some big content pack like, say FTL:Faster Than Light, but alas.

  5. Y’know, this game is making me think of Quadralien. Like if Quadralien had a child with Iron Lung.


  7. Me when the halloween intro music starts playing: holyYYY SHIT ITS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN WOOO

    also: Damn i’ve been watching this guy’s reviews for a while now

  8. Amazing little gem of a game, the atmosphere of tension it creates (unless you cheese through it all with stealth lmao) is amazing. Clicked instantly when I saw you reviewed it

  9. I feel like Mandalore would really love Lobotomy Corporation based on his tastes

  10. Алексей Прокофьев

    I really wanted to recommend you Cog Mind – classic rouglelike with some interesting mechanic and twist. It’s the same dungeons and floors, but where you play as robot that can customize his equipment on the fly

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