Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves | NEW Trailer (2023 Movie)

Let us get this party began. Watch the brand new trailer for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. Only in theaters March 31, 2023. #DnDMovie

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A pleasing pilferer and a band of improbable adventurers undertake an awesome robbery to retrieve a lost relic, but things go dangerously askew when they run afoul of the wrong folks. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves brings the rich world and frisky spirit of the fabled roleplaying game to the giant screen in a humorous and action-packed adventure.

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  1. The bard, from what I’ve seen and understand, is one of the most dangerous people in the group. Not because of any fighting skills, magical abilities, or anything useful. He’s dangerous because he has nothing left to lose. That snippet with his family tells me right now that he may be in it for the money and adventure, but he might be looking for a fun way to die. Just a thought. I could be horribly wrong.

  2. I’ll go see the movie if Drizzt is in it.

  3. I really hope these aren’t the best jokes this movie has to offer. Because that was painful.

  4. Yikes worst time ever to drop a dnd project

  5. Henry windsor rurikovich

    Dungeons unbelievable and dragons 🔥

  6. Wizards bullsh!t aside I actually can’t wait to see this movie.

  7. #openDnD

  8. WotC wants all the money!
    Hard pass.

  9. I think it’s at least better than the one 20 years ago.

  10. They should had just called the avengers to come save the day.

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