Dumb Rubik’s Cube Tiktok Trend 🤦‍♂️”Dice and Cube 🎲 🧩 “

#RubiksCube #cubing #Dice #speedcubeshop

This is a Rubik’s cube tiktok trend. This is where you roll a dice and do the number the dice selected on a huge cube


  1. Gunar Gundarson

    I just use paint, this is way too complicated.

  2. Gunar Gundarson

    Makes a portrait: 13k views in a week.

    Makes a number on a single cube, but mentioned TikTok: *trending*

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  4. Thats not how a dice-
    You know what nvm

  5. Hedda Havikbotn

    I bet you can’t make kawaki from Boruto

  6. Can you do Levi he’s my favorite anime character from my favorite show

  7. Uhh the likes are 44k.. is the 4 number coursed in this video?!

  8. No that’s an upside down h

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