Duke vs. Virginia Condensed Game | 2018-19 ACC Basketball

Watch the Condensed Game from Virginia Cavaliers vs. Duke Blue Devils, 02/09/2019


  1. Virginia did a good job on defending Zion but still wasn’t enough

  2. Looks like Zion got nervous with LeBron and Rondo watching him lol

  3. Imagine Duke lose 3 Top notch players next year..

  4. Williamson’s block at 8:51

  5. Zion is honestly toooo good!! A literal freak of nature! New YouTuber here btw!! ??

  6. RJ is a ball hog , he’ll force his shot before he passes, that’s not gonna work in the nba

  7. Tre Jones will surprise people in the NBA.

  8. 9:44 Good night and thanks for coming!

  9. We want Zion ,from a suns fun

  10. That 3 point line looks weird

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