Duke vs. North Carolina Condensed Highlights | 2018-19 ACC Basketball

Duke vs. North Carolina: In another classic game in this historical competition, Duke beat UNC 74-73 to advance to the final game at the ACC Basketball Tournament. In his first full game against the Tar Heels, Zion Williamson did not disappoint as he scored 31 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in the win. Cameron Johnson led the Tar Heels with 23 points in the loss.
Watch the Condensed Game from North Carolina Tar Heels vs. Duke Blue Devils, 03/15/2019


  1. The Knicks need Zion so badly. With our luck, we won’t get him but I can only hope. I can only IMAGINE if the Knicks draft Zion and sign Kyrie and KD. I hope dreams come true.

  2. DAMN!!!💪

  3. Iknowaboutthesethangs! H

    Guess whooooose bizaaack? Man, I’ve never in my life, have seen a college freshmen or playa, so dominant as Zion! That’s shits crazy! This dudes does everything! Who needs Lebron, when you’ve got Zion?!

  4. If Barrett starts consistently making threes, good luck to anyone that plays duke

  5. Let’s just forgo the formalities and put these 2 teams in the national championship…

  6. Friday’s are cool

    What a game

  7. Number 2 for north Carolina she’s good but the weave she wears looks like a rats nest, love her pink high heels also.

  8. is rae jones related to tyus jones? they look similar

  9. Repeal the 19th MGTOW

    Zion is a beast. But the rest of the guys on Duke aren’t anything to write home about. This is going to be a weak draft after Zion.

  10. Has Jay Bilas ever said anything interesting? Definition of Captain Obvious. Great game with radio audio on, tv sound muted. College so much more exciting than pro basketball.

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