Driving My Dodge Charger PICKUP TRUCK For The First Time (Was Harder Than I Ever Imagined)

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  1. Matthew Deshon

    Nice looking Ute. That’s very cool.

  2. The Tinker Zone

    Road block = Blocker charger

  3. Jared is such an inspiration. I’ve been looking at a patch on the wall of my house and after 5 years I decided to sand it. After another 5 years I might even paint it!

  4. Walter Hubicki

    That was WELL worth the wait. Very cool truck… Ute…. Charger…
    Anyway it’s cool. Thank again

  5. Mike crystal robert

    Non burnouts😢

  6. Daniel Fruchey

    Love the bedliner paint job.

  7. Texaspoontappa

    Jared > Tavarish

  8. You should have used dodge charger tail light in my opinion


    That looks so cool

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