Driver Shoots, Kills Armed Motorcyclist Who Came Towards Him On I-35, Fort Worth Police Say

Police stated Tuesday, that the SUV driver was cooperating with the investigation and has not been arrested.


  1. Texas still in the wild west don’t draw your gun for no reason out there

  2. Good.a happy Ending another scumbag off the Streets
    Is the bike for sale

  3. Yeah more bs fake news propaganda. Gotta keep us distracted and living in fear and hate!

  4. Love a feel good story with a happy ending

  5. This is why, when they negligently try to kill you, you just punch their mirror as you fly.
    Stupid guy. You’re on the fastest vehicle on the road. Drop a gear and disappear.
    Otherwise, keep that gun holstered. No tragedy.

  6. only in America.

  7. Kids in car, doesn’t matter if it’s mom or a dad in the car, they WILL protect their innocent children from POS thug wanna bees like this guy.

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