DREW BARRYMORE: Sundae Conversation with Caleb Pressley

Drew instructs Caleb and Glenny decent dating protocol.

Produced by Tom Mullens & Caleb Pressley
Edited by Tom Mullens

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  1. Drew: *belch*
    Caleb: it’s ok

  2. ahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahaha ha! yall are nothing without Drew!

  3. She’s the third funniest person in this interview. And G-Balls hardly talks.

  4. Why didn’t he ask Drew how Tom’s doing??

  5. GlennY Balls da leGend. Wow.

  6. Glenny Balls dressed as the old head from Tarzan lol

  7. Let’s go Glenny!!!

  8. So, was this a date?

  9. That luck dawg 😂

  10. Kornbreds Collectibles and Custom Diecast

    Glenny balls is now glenny blister lip 😅

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