Dream Learns To Swim…

Dream Learns To Swim…

Lots of uploads coming this year!


Dream gets swimming lessons from BadBoyHalo. What could potentially go mistaken?


  1. this is the only way bad can win the manhunts

  2. Dadboyhalo

  3. Roblox Journalists

    imagine if badboy said “APRIL FOOLS YOU WONT”

  4. canon? canon? canon?

  5. Dream should post this on tiktok

  6. Why did this remind me of the one episode of adventure time where Finn is scared of the ocean

  7. Kristoff miguel Pulvinar

    I remember this beach it the beach from dream gets pranked

  8. That was evil…

  9. Dream: *steps in the water
    Dolphins: *rises up*

  10. Dadboyhalo

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