Dread the Furry

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Albert Hutchins
Andrew Palmer
Adam Knopow

Created by ►
Tom Hinchliffe & Don Greger

VO ►
Marine – Don
UWU Marine – Tom

Compositing ►
Oddest of the Odd
James Lee

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  1. Go to our 2nd channel to see all the secret stuff you missed in this cartoon hehehe! https://youtu.be/AFOfdJ3y9bM

    • This is way too good for what was supposed to be a joke guys. 😀

    • @Stardfv I’m starting to think this whole series is a joke about the bandwagon itself

    • Μιχάλης Τσαρτσίδης

      We want more and more content from this series. Please tell us how long must we wait for the next one. (All your work is good but this series is full of greatness) . Long live the emperor. Long live flazgitz.

    • @Jesus Saves! You typed 3 paragraphs in under 3 seconds from your first post; is that the work of the lord? You tell me. Another thing is that you are copying and pasting the same paragraphs over and over again on this specific channel and other channels (probably). You are giving your words no meaning by being repetitive and in no way being original as god created you.

    • This is way more intense in the dark

  2. It’s so Warhammer 40k and fun at the same time just crazy 🤣🤣🤣

  3. The Apothecary at the end should have crushed the vile or burned it

  4. Сергей Малышев

    If that was his final battle transitioning to his own inner battle for dregs of sanity, this may be an excellent CANONICAL story.
    As always, you guys proved that to mock something good you must be an expert in the matter. And your understanding of old warhammer spirit is as great, as your animating, directing and writing skills. Thank you so much.
    And I hope GW won’t come knocking…

  5. Blackstar 改善

    Seeing that this all happened on a fortress monastery it seems like the furries are able to counter the *extremely dark gray* Templars in the Animus crusade

  6. This was very different from the normal funny cartoons , I had no idea they actually had the ability to make something so grim

  7. This is the cinematic masterpiece. It’s fucking brilliant. You can do funny or dark and serious at a high level. I love both.

  8. Nevada Gaming Wedge

    in retrospect this a great way to demonstrate both Chaos and Xenos hordes.

  9. yay another one

  10. @Flashgitz i can’t wait for the next video.

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