Draymond addresses Dillon Brooks’ remarks & delivers a message to Ja Morant | Draymond Green Show

Draymond Green talks about the Golden State Warriors continued street struggles, responds to Dillon Brooks’s remarks about him, and shares how we should be considering the Ja Morant situation.

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  1. I have 25 fantasy teams and Dillion Brooks isn’t on any of them, however I do have you Draymond. Brooks turns the ball over to much, to many fouls, bad FT %, low FG%, no assist, no blocks. Brooks has to many negatives to be on ay if my fantasty teams, I took Slow Mo above him Kyle Anderson who does a lotto be moving so slow. Thanks D

  2. You threw a temper tantrum on the floor because the guy you punched only months ago wouldn’t pass you the ball

  3. I have zero issue with what Draymond had to say about Dillon…but the greatest irony to me is they’re the same player…or in the same mold of player. And without realizing he admits as such, his greatest regret is giving his naysayers the ammo to say you can’t trust him…this is the same shit Grizzlies fans said about Dillon the last two seasons. The dirty player allegations, the triple single jokes, he’s vital to what GS does but he’s aware of his role meanwhile Brooks never has, that’s the only difference.

  4. Thanks for speaking out against cancel culture

  5. His real name Clarence

  6. Everybody keeps speaking about the Poole situation but everybody tends to forget how Steph and Klay both threw tantrums this season alone because of Poole not passing the ball. It’s passes like those that would dismantles teams, their defense and also establish the warriors offense that we know and love. Just because of the practice incident everybody loves the blame draymond even more than they already did for everything, which is pathetic lol

  7. I don’t wanna hear shit from Draymond after he gave up on that play when pool didn’t want to throw him the ball. Baby ass

  8. Dillion Dynasty Brooks

  9. Dillon Brooks and his team talks alot to have won nothing literally… Their just the new generation that troll through the internet for attention instead of producing for attention

  10. Glenish Henderson

    I am not going to kick a man when is down, and I am not excusing his actions. I sincerely pray for Ja, who has been gifted by GOD to be a good basketball player, and the potential to become a HALL OF FAMER. Get it together and get rid of that spirit of pride along with that big ego of yours, focus on what’s ahead. We all make mistakes, I pray that God would bring people in his life that truly are out for his well-being as a person and not just for his fame or money. He needs people that are going to tell him when he is wrong and stop coming into agreement with his foolishness. Praying for you Ja and by the way Jesus Christ is the answer for whatever ails you. He will never leave or forsake you. Let go of the pride, you know what pride stands for (P.R.I.D.E. Please Remember I Destroy Everything) and (E.G.O. stands for Edging Got Out) Don’t leave God out……………………………………….03/09/23

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