Drake’s Honestly, Nevermind is NOT GOOD

Drake persists downhill on Honestly, Nevermind.

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Y’all know this is just my belief, right?


  1. the man literally sang “falling back on me” repeatedly for 2 minutes straight like wtffffFFFF is that crap lolol

  2. Y’all TRIPPING ! This album is a vibe bro. And I’m a drake STAN , yes at first I didn’t like it. It literally grows on you. Definitely A Dance Vibe. Wait till middle of summer EVERYONE going to be on this album . Drake is right he waiting until y’all to catch up. Drake is not trying to be the greatest rapper of all time . He’s reaching greatest ARTIST of all time.

  3. I am a Drake fan. I also think he should retire or at least take a very long break. I think if you take the top 25-50 Drake songs, he can be considered top 5 by many. But he’s ruining his reputation by these types of projects that feel very corny/uninspired/etc.

  4. I sorta think he did all this on purpose

  5. you have made this channel about hating drake and i think it’s ridiculous 😂

  6. The album is trash but jersey club djs go hard, and i can see soundcloud/bandcamp really making this album go crazy

  7. Drake has always been mid

  8. Wasted potential to say:
    Yeah this new drake album is….. Honestly, Nevermind.

  9. Please………………. Review Kevin gates Khaza album

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