Drake Calls Draymond Green “Trash” After Toronto Raptors Win Game 1 | NBA Finals

Drake got in Draymond Green’s face and conversed garbage after the Toronto Raptors won their first NBA Finals game.


  1. Drake should stop acting like he owns the world. He’s just another Hollywood singer. He should be fu*king respectful towards people. Whatever he called this guy that’s tbh his reality.

  2. Drake lowkey wants to kick it with DG. E-40 about to check Drake in the bay lol

  3. Draymond diss track” Drake” coming soon.

  4. Where was Drake at when Pusha dissed him lmao.

  5. Cha Shu Bao the Pomeranian

    Ninja wants to know your location

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  6. *Drake sucks dick now a days, No match for Cole or Kendrick*

  7. Henrique Nunes

    I don’t see a lie in there

  8. I bet drake wont come to Oakland like that. He knows he better keep that soft ass shit in Toronto. This isnt soft and doughy Toronto

  9. Bruh drake wants beef with everyone ?

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