Dragonball Z Abridged Creator Commentary | Episode 32

Freeza’s back, and his giant horny daddy’s with him!


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  2. I honestly couldn’t imagine a better Trunks.

  3. Personally, I always thought Kaiser’s Trunks felt like a nice middle ground between Kusao’s soft-spoken Trunks and Vale’s more confident and gravely Trunks.
    It never occurred to me that Kaiser weren’t the number 1 pick. He’s as synonymous with Trunks as MasakoX is to Goku and Gohan or Lani is to Piccolo and Vegeta.

  4. I thought a little bit about it too, but I’m okay living in this alternate timeline where Kaiser plays Trunks. Now all the main four guys are Saiyans now!

  5. Did you go back to doing these once a week even though it’s just one episode per video? Before you did two episodes a video once per week but then switched to one episode a video but twice a week now it’s one episode per video once per week

  6. Riley Wilson Epicarcher999

    Trunks is my favourite character in both the original and abridged, and I can’t imagine anyone better than to play trunks than Kaiser

  7. Its so dumb that Kaiserneko of all people has to fend off people that call jokes that he himself a homosexual person did in fact write, and tell idiots that he wasn’t being homophobic like wtf, people have no sense of humor these days

  8. imo Kaiser’s a magnificent Trunks. I love TFS Trunks voice.

  9. Kaiser was the best choice! Oh my god the scene with Cell and Trunks was bonechilling

  10. Not of a fan of Kaiser himself. But I love his Trunks and King Kai.

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