Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trailer | E3 2019

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trailer from Microsoft’s E3 2019 press briefing.


  1. I just can’t stand the voice of Guko.

  2. Why do they all have quickie voices

  3. F for every goku enemy

  4. King Barbadossa

    Oh boy another DBZ game 😀

  5. I’ll wait for the dubbed version

  6. Korey Cunningham

    No offense to this game how is this trending and cyberpunk 2077 has ten times as many views at this time of me writing this?

  7. The Last Alexander

    I don’t really care what yall do just dont try that dam db evolution movie again

  8. What a weird name for a DBZ game…

  9. Literally the last DBZ anyone wants or asked for. We already have so many. It’s gotten old years ago.

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