Dr. Phil asked me if I can draw him for 50 days so I finally gave in 👀lol😄 | JULIA GISELLA #shorts

Hi I am Julia and I do some art and other things 💕
I am in addition on Instagram, TikTok and Snap:

art shop: www.juliagisella.com

PR/Business: julia@kyra.com


  1. Damn girl you should be charging all these rich people! You’ve got real talent and people usually pay to have a portrait done of them. Yet here you are giving them away for free 😯. When you’re pouring so much time and effort into them, you should really be compensated in some way shape or form.

  2. He bring a creepy vibe

  3. Y’all dr.Phil didn’t message her y’all believe anything-

  4. I had to subscribe u r super talented

  5. hes so persistent hes like a child lol


    Ok so… Your talented but u don’t gotta lie about famous people texting u- but also I’m not tryna hate sorry

  7. Ok shes a really good artist but she needs to understand that you dont have to fake people begging you to draw them just to get views your drawing is already enough you dont need to lie to your fans about these famous people texting you to draw them 😊

  8. I didn’t know dr phil was on tik tok lol
    Imagine him coming out and saying “cool art. Didn’t request it” 😂

  9. I thought your making Phil from promised Neverland lol

  10. 27 on trending yay

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