Down With the SICK

I dun got unwell and nobody knew what it was. So have a filler cartoon until the real video clip comes out! YEAH! LOVE YOU!

#LetMeExplainStudios #Sick #BlizzardBeach #RebeccaParham #animation #toon #DisneyWorld #Disney #NewYork #animated #winter


  1. Rebbeca merch exists:

    Me cant buy it cuz im broke boi: that looks good

  2. What about winter wear for Floridians, it gets down to around 70F


  4. XQueen of monstersX Xoxo

    Get better my favorite person

  5. wow, only 6,366 comments and 361,933 views that’s a first also get well soon – I had a really bad cold this weak to like strep throught-

  6. Rebecca you kind of sound crazy while talking

  7. Big K oznolaCT7567

    Get well soon 😊

  8. Becca was HIIIGGGH on tumms at this point,

  9. Thanks Rebacca, even though u r sick, u still made a vid with COLOUR!

  10. Inspiration is everywhere

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